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Rousey to appear on WWE Raw as WrestleMania build continues


Ronda Rousey will appear on Raw this week to continue the storyline between herself, Kurt Angle, and the Authority that began tonight.

Stephanie McMahon confirmed on Raw Talk after the Elimination Chamber that Rousey will appear live tomorrow. She said that she hopes to air things out between all parties following what went down tonight, and assured everyone that everything would be just fine.

During the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Rousey came out to sign her contract. It went along pretty well until Angle mentioned to Rousey that Triple H told him backstage that this had been in the making for three years and now they “owned the b****”." Triple H tried to get Angle out of the ring, with Stephanie mentioning that he had the flu and was out of it, but before he could make his exit, Angle said Stephanie had badmouthed Rousey as well, saying that she was washed up and even she could take her.

This led to a confrontation between Rousey and Stephanie. Triple H tried to intervene, but Rousey put him through the contract table. Stephanie slapped Rousey, but bolted before Rousey could do anything. She then signed the contract, slamming it on Triple H's chest.

Video of tonight's contract signing segment is available to watch below: