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Rusev returns to WWE TV on Raw


Rusev returned to WWE tonight after being gone for several months.

The angle started when Maria Kanellis told Mike Kanellis at their gender reveal party that Ricochet was their baby’s father. An incensed Kanellis challenged Ricochet to an impromptu match, which Ricochet won quickly.

After the match, Maria Kanellis was upset and cut a promo saying that despite what she had said earlier Ricochet was not their baby’s father and had only said that to motivate him. She instead said she was going to reveal the father right now.

Rusev then came out and confronted Mike Kanellis. Lana was not with him, though commentary brought up the question of what she would think of this news. Kanellis said he has had a bad day and that he was okay with Rusev being the father. He tried to leave, but Rusev followed him and laid him out. Kanellis then had another match where he lost quickly to the accolade.

Rusev had been gone from television since taking a sabbatical from WWE following WrestleMania 35. He briefly returned at WWE Super Showdown to compete in the 50 man battle royal, but other than that had not been on television.