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Samoa Joe suffered concussion during WWE Raw


Samoa Joe suffered a concussion during last night's episode of Raw.

Dave Meltzer is reporting that Joe suffered the concussion during his and Kevin Owens’ match against Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy for the Raw Tag Team titles. Joe went for a dive during the match and landed on the floor as they went to commercial. When they came back, they showed that Joe was escorted to the back during the commercial break.

Although the injury looked like a part of the storyline, Joe was legit injured during the match and him being removed from the match was not planned. Meltzer is also reporting that the concussion is being monitored through usual protocol.

Joe had returned to Raw in late December after being out several months due to a broken thumb. He saved Kevin Owens from a three-on-one beatdown against Seth Rollins and AOP and had been feuding with the trio for the last several weeks.