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Santana Garrett returns to WWE as Performance Center coach

Garrett had been released by WWE in June 2021.

Former NXT wrestler Santana Garrett has returned to WWE in a new role.

Garrett announced on Monday that she's back working for WWE as a Performance Center coach. She was previously with WWE as a wrestler from 2019 until being released in June 2021.

Garrett tweeted a photo of herself in a WWE shirt on Monday and captioned it with "This is NOT a throwback…#WWE #NXT #PC #Coach #Orlando #PerformanceCenter #ProWrestling #WomensWrestling #SantanaGarrett"

On her Instagram Stories, Garrett spoke about her new role and revealed that she was in a class helping with new hires on Monday.

"First day back and I'm in a class helping with new hires," Garrett said. "These girls are less than three months in, and they are amazing. Like, I think back to me three months in and I see these girls and I'm just like, 'Oh my gosh, I had no chance.' But then also, to be fair, I just learned how to put my own eyelashes on like a year ago. So, slow learner I guess.

"And a huge thank you for the overwhelming support. I am blown away. The messages already, I just posted like 15 minutes ago. But thank you, thank you guys so much. So nice."

Garrett took part in the 2017 Mae Young Classic before signing with WWE in 2019. In addition to wrestling for NXT, Garrett wrestled on one episode of Raw in 2020 and one episode of Main Event that same year. She was also an entrant in the 2021 women's Royal Rumble match.

After being released by WWE, Garrett had four matches for AEW in 2021.