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Sasha Banks victim of car break-in

Sasha Banks is a victim of a car-break in.

Sasha Banks

Banks shared on social media that the incident happened in Oakland, California.

“Five minutes in Oakland. Just five minutes!” she said, showing video of a car’s back window being broken.

In a series of Instagram Stories posts, Banks showed security footage of a car pulling up next to Banks’ car. A hooded figure can be seen breaking into Banks' car and taking items from the trunk before escaping.

“Have fun with the hair products,” she wrote in one of the posts.

Banks and tag team partner Naomi were at the premiere of ”She-Hulk, Attorney At Law” in Los Angeles on Monday night. Neither have been on WWE television since May, when they were indefinitely suspended and stripped of the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles after walking out prior to an episode of Raw. It has since been reported that Banks and Naomi have reached a deal to return to the company.