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Sasha Banks vs. Lacey Evans set for next week's WWE SmackDown


Sasha Banks and Lacey Evans are set to face off on next week's SmackDown.

After they took part in a triple threat tag match on tonight's show, WWE announced that Banks vs. Evans will take place next Friday. The Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana is hosting the episode.

Evans & Brooke defeated Banks & SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley and Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross in tonight's triple threat tag match. Evans hit the Woman's Right on Banks, then Brooke pinned Banks after hitting a Swanton Bomb from the top rope.

There was an angle on SmackDown two weeks ago where -- as Banks was facing Evans -- Banks taunted Evans' daughter as she was sitting in the front row.

Banks & Bayley defeated Evans & Brooke last week. Evans hit Bayley with the Woman's Right after Banks ducked out of the way in that match. Banks then sent Evans shoulder-first into the ring post and got the win by submitting Brooke with the Banks Statement.

There are three episodes of SmackDown left before the Royal Rumble. WWE hasn't announced a title defense for Bayley for the pay-per-view yet.