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'Saturday Night's Main Event' branding returning for upcoming WWE house shows

The shows are taking place in Alabama and Florida on back-to-back Saturdays this April.

The "Saturday Night's Main Event" name is returning for two upcoming WWE house shows.'s calendar lists that two shows named "Saturday Night's Main Event" will be taking place on back-to-back Saturdays this April. The first show is at the Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery, Alabama on Saturday, April 23. The second is at the RP Funding Center in Lakeland, Florida on Saturday, April 30.

Both events will feature wrestlers from the Raw roster.

PWInsider reported that the events will be house shows and not TV productions: "We are told that each of those events are still live events, not TV productions, and that this is simply rebranding for the Saturday Night live events taking place post-WrestleMania."

Saturday Night's Main Event made its debut as a television special on NBC in 1985. Its initial run lasted until 1992. 

In 2006, Saturday Night's Main Event was revived for a brief second stint on NBC. Five shows aired from 2006-2008.