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Sawyer Fulton opens up about his WWE release and what's next

Sawyer Fulton

By Gary Mehaffy for

Sometimes in life, you get dealt a hand that you aren’t expecting. That was the case for Sawyer Fulton, when he was recently released by WWE after a run in NXT. He is tall, has a good look, and has an NCAA amateur wrestling background: all of the ingredients that you would think would make for a WWE star of the future.

But just over a year ago when he had just been added to SAnitY along with Eric Young, Nikki Cross, and then-partner Alexander Wolfe, he tore his pec, resulting in a several month absence from the ring. He worked hard to get back into even better shape than he had been, but it wasn’t to be and WWE recently wished him well in his future endeavours.

He could have reacted to this in one of three ways: leave the business altogether; try to get back into WWE as quickly as he could or decide to make a go of it around the world to continue improving.

Jake Southwick, TAFKA Sawyer Fulton, has gone for option three.

In our exclusive 40 minute interview, we talk his release and how they let him know about it, his transition from amateur wrestling to professional wrestling and his hopes to get into Mexico and Japan. We discussed why the UK fans thought Angelo Dawkins looks like a bottle of Irn Bru, his love of performing in front of a live crowd, his hopes for the future and much, much more.

I will leave you with one insight which is his advice for aspiring wrestlers based on his time in WWE: “I don’t know all of the right things to do, but I know a lot of the wrong things not to do.”