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Seth Rollins says AEW referencing WWE on TV 'reeks of desperation'

Rollins compared his reference to Jon Moxley on WWE programming to AEW's comments about WWE.

Seth Rollins thinks that AEW's references to WWE on their television programming is "tacky" and "reeks of desperation."

Rollins appeared on the Sports Media Podcast and compared his reference to Jon Moxley on WWE programming to AEW referencing WWE on theirs. 

Rollins mentioned Moxley on the January 21, 2022 episode of Smackdown during a promo segment with Roman Reigns. 

"Everyone knows he's a part of our history," Rollins said regarding the segment. "You can't do Seth and Roman without Dean or Mox, whatever you want to call him, you can't do it. To ignore that part of our history and to just try and put him aside and focus on Roman and Seth, the focus was Roman and Seth, that was the story but he's a part of that. So, to just ignore that and completely pretend he didn't exist is just silly. I referred to him by the name that he prefers to go by and so that's where we're at with that. I heard nothing in response to it backstage at all." 

He would later compare his reference to Moxley on Smackdown with how AEW references WWE on their programming. 

"I didn't use the reference to Mox to talk down to somebody. I wasn't trying to diminish anybody's accomplishments, it wasn't like that. He's part of our story. Roman wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for him and I." 

"The other side of that coin is the way that it can be used by those guys. They can do whatever they want, I find it very tacky and very low-brow, personally. I think it looks and reeks of desperation and I just don't think it's anything on our television show that we need to go there and talk down about those guys. They're doing their thing, they're doing it very well, we're very happy for them, I am, at least, personally. Are they on our level? No, they've got a long way to go to catch up to us and that's fine and they know that. They do things differently but for me, my perspective, it's just a little step down for us to kind of use it as an insult. That's my perspective on it but people may not share that opinion."