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Seth Rollins vs. Murphy set for next week's WWE SmackDown


A match between Murphy and Seth Rollins will take place next week on SmackDown.

The match was made following events that took place during tonight’s show. Rollins faced Rey Mysterio in a match that was billed as their final encounter. Murphy, who seemingly reconciled with Rollins last week, came to the ring and gave Rollins a steel chair. He helped Mysterio back to his feet, but then in a twist, attacked Rollins.

Rollins chased after Murphy, but instead walked into a 619 by Mysterio, who was then pinned with a frog splash. 

After the match, Mysterio told Murphy to shake his hand like a man. He did, and the entire family hugged him as it was made clear that Murphy finally had Mysterio’s approval.

Later backstage, Rollins confronted WWE official Adam Pearce. He demanded that he be given a match against Murphy as he wanted revenge. It was later revealed that his demand was met.