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The Shield vs. Lashley, Corbin & McIntyre set for WWE Fastlane


The Shield has reunited once again, with the trio taking on the new team of Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre at Fastlane.

Roman Reigns started off Raw tonight noting that life was too short, and he wanted to reunite the Shield one last time. He called out Rollins and, after some debating, eventually agreed. Dean Ambrose came out to give his response, but before he could answer ended up being laid out by Elias.

The two had a match later on Raw, with Elias picking up the win. Reigns and Rollins came out to persuade him to rejoin the Shield. Ambrose exited the ring and headed through the crowd, seemingly rejecting the offer. Corbin, McIntyre and Lashley then came out, with McIntyre saying they were going to end this now. They attacked Rollins and Reigns until Ambrose made up his mind, coming in for the save. The trio then did their signature pose.

Fastlane will take place this Sunday at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.