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Sin Cara dislocated shoulder at last night's RAW

Jorge Arias, who works as Sin Cara in WWE, suffered a dislocated left shoulder last night in his match with Big E on Raw in Brooklyn.

The spot, replayed multiple times saw Arias on the ring apron when E scooped his leg and pulled him off the apron and he took a bump off the apron to the floor, landing badly on the shoulder.

The match was halted temporarily as The New Day backed off and played to the crowd while the trainer came out.  Even though it seemed clear he was hurt, even more so as the match continued, the match did in fact continue to its planned conclusion of E winning with the Big Ending, although he very much was protecting the left shoulder when he did the move.

Arias did spots while the left arm was pretty well hanging there.

Sin Cara on Twitter acknowledged the injury saying "Not even a dislocated shoulder could stop from performing in this great city."

There is no word on how long he may be out of action.  WWE officials stated that a full report is not in but the injury is not believed to be anything serious.