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SmackDown ratings down slightly for this week's episode


When SmackDown beat Raw in the ratings for the first time since the brand split during the final week of 2016, the immediate question became when the show would do it again.

This week seemed to present an outside chance that it would with Raw going against the college football national title game, but appearances by The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels helped that show stay near normal ratings levels and above SmackDown this week.

Tuesday night's episode was watched by an average of 2.533 million viewers, which was topped by the 2.89 million who watched Raw on Monday night. The difference between viewership for the shows was close to where it is most weeks, with SmackDown retaining 87 percent on the Raw audience.

SmackDown ratings were down slightly from last week's 2.596 million viewers. Tuesday night's show didn't face much sports competition, but the second hour went against President Obama's farewell address to the nation.

John Cena had his first televised match in over three months against Baron Corbin in last night's main event.