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Smackdown spoilers from Kansas City (updated)

By Shannon Steward

Summer Rae over Emma via schoolgirl

New Day over Ascension

Main Event
Curtis Axel over Jack Swagger via schoolboy

Zack Ryder over Adam Rose

Naomi over Alicia Fox via butt bump

Ryback over Miz via shell shock

Reigns promo. Henry out almost immediately. Says Reigns will beat Lesnar and is putting all his $ on him. They become friends. Rollins, Kane and Security out. Rollins says security will make sure Orton doesn't come into building. Kane says tonight he and Rollins will face Reigns and Henry.

Paige over Brie Bella

Fujinami HOF logo shown.

Gauntlet IC contenders match -
Ambrose over Stardust. Stardust attacked Ambrose's arm after.

Ambrose over Truth in seconds

Harper over Ambrose - good match

Bryan over Harper via yes lock. Good match. Bryan did a Gori special. Bryan biggest reaction so far.

Ziggler over Bryan via zig zag. Good match. Crowd, which cheered Bryan heavily in the last match,  booed him at the start of this one for whatever reason. But gradually crowd 70/30 for Bryan.
Barrett out, attacks both men after.

Kidd, Cesaro and Natalya over Matadores and the bull when Natalya pinned Torito after a powerbomb.

Reigns over Rollins and Kane in handicap match. Henry laid out in back off camera before the match. Afterward Orton ran in and KO'd all of the Authority members.

Bray Wyatt came out for a final segment as we were leaving. Not sure what happened.