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Smackdown spoilers from Providence - Go Home show for Extreme Rules, Reigns & Ambrose vs. Harper & Rollins

Notes from tonight's tapings in Providence, RI:

Seth Rollins opened the show with a promo.  He said that he was going to beat Randy Orton without the help of J & J Security or Kane.  Kane came out and said that he was not only the biggest asset to Rollins as champion, but also the biggest threat.  Rollins said Kane would be fired if he cost him the title.  Rollins was bad mouthing Kane.  Kane said that he did Rollins a favor by laying down for him and it's time for Rollins to return the favor, and Kane asked for a ref to come out.

Rollins NC Kane - Kane told Rollins to lay down.  Rollins did, but Kane didn't pin him and said he was just messing with you.

Kane announced Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose. Ambrose came out but Luke Harper attacked him and they brawled until Rollins & Harper were beating down Ambrose.  Reigns made the save and a tag team match was announced for the main event.

Dolph Ziggler & Neville b Bad News Barrett & Sheamus when Ziggler used the Zig Zag and Neville used the red arrow on Barrett.

Naomi b Natalya

Prime Time Players cut a promo on Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

Ryback b Rusev via DQ.  It started with a chain match promo.  The match ended when Rusev was DQ'd for hitting Ryback withy the chain.  Rusev used the Accolade with the chain on Ryback after and the Russian flag dropped and Rusev's music played.

Jamie Noble told Seth Rollins that he and Luke Harper were distant cousins through marriage.  They were backstage and bumped into Harper who told them to get out of his way.

Kofi Kingston b Cesaro in 1:00 when Cesaro was distracted by the other New Day members.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose b Seth Rollins & Luke Harper.  Kane was at ringside.  Reigns was really over to this crowd, even in the Northeast.  Reigns speared Rollins to win clean.