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Sonya Deville loses WWE official position on Raw


Sonya Deville is no longer a WWE official in storyline, but remains on the WWE roster as a wrestler.

On tonight’s Raw, WWE official Adam Pearce attempted to explain something to Deville, but she wasn't interested and instead asked who her opponent was tonight. She cut off Pearce then declared she didn’t care who it was. After she came to the ring, Pearce arrived and said he tried to tell Sonya backstage that the investigation behind her recent actions had concluded, and she was hereby fired as a WWE official. However, he pointed out she was still a WWE superstar, and said her opponent was a returning Alexa Bliss. A stunned Deville then lost to Bliss in under a minute.

Deville had been “under investigation” in recent weeks due to putting herself into a Raw Women’s title match against Bianca Belair by tricking Belair to come to the ring for a contract signing, only for Deville to attack her and sign the contract herself. Deville then lost the title match on the April 25 edition of Raw.

After returning from a hiatus in January 2021, Deville was named an assistant to Pearce, and later became a full-fledged authority figure. Deville spent much of the second half of 2021 feuding with Naomi, often using her authoritative powers to stack the deck against Naomi.