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Sonya Deville returns to WWE TV on SmackDown


Image: WWE

Sonya Deville is back on WWE television.

For the first time since August, Deville appeared on SmackDown tonight. Deville had been temporarily written off TV when she lost a Loser Leaves WWE match to Mandy Rose at SummerSlam.

Deville was shown walking backstage on tonight's SmackDown. It was announced on commentary that she's been reinstated to the roster.

.A man was arrested and charged with aggravated stalking, armed burglary of a dwelling, attempted armed kidnapping, and criminal mischief after breaking into Deville's home in August. Deville thanked police for their assistance and noted that thankfully everyone was safe.

Rose was also at Deville's home when the man who was stalking Deville broke in.

Deville and Rose had been set to face each other in a hair vs. hair match at SummerSlam, but it was changed to a no DQ Loser Leaves WWE match. Dave Meltzer reported on the stipulation change at the time:

There was a late change in the Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville match. Two nights before the show it was changed from a hair vs. hair match to a no DQ loser leaves town match. The backstory behind this is that Deville's lawyer told her it would not be a good thing for her to show up with her hair cut so much and she had court dates from her stalker case early in the week. The original idea was not to shave her bald, but to cut off most of her hair for some sort of an acting role. No word on how long she'll be gone but she's not leaving WWE.

Rose was moved to the Raw roster in September and is now in a tag team with Dana Brooke.

Deville's return comes in advance of the Royal Rumble taking place on Sunday, January 31.