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Sonya Deville: ‘Thankfully everyone is safe’ after kidnapping attempt

sonya deville

Daria Berenato, better known as Sonya Deville, has released a statement in response to a kidnapping attempt that took place at her house.

Deville tweeted: "Thank you everyone for your love and concern. A very frightening experience but thankfully everyone is safe. A special thank you to Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office for their response and assistance."

The Tampa Bay Times reported Sunday that Deville was the victim of a social media stalker who had plotted to kidnap her for eight months. According to the report, the alleged stalker broke into Deville's Lutz, FL home in the early hours of Sunday morning, triggering a security alarm. 

Deville and a guest safely fled the scene and contacted law enforcement. When police arrived at Deville's home, they found the alleged stalker carrying a knife, zip ties, duct tape, mace and other items. 

The alleged stalker was arrested and is being held without bail on charges of aggravated stalking, armed burglary of a dwelling, attempted armed kidnapping and criminal mischief.