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Stan Hansen and Jacqueline Moore last 2016 WWE Hall of Fame inductees

The new WWE WrestleMania 32 magazine in the list of the 2016 Hall of Fame class confirmed Jacqueline Moore and Stan Hansen as the final two inductees for this year.

Moore had been on the list that had leaked several months back.  Hansen was not.  Hansen had two runs in WWF, once challenging Bruno Sammartino in 1976, including the match where he broke Sammartino's neck by dropping him on his head on a bodyslam, which inadvertently ended up making his career when the return match saved the Ali vs. Inoki show at Shea Stadium.

He also had a run with Bob Backlund as champion.

Hansen is generally considered the greatest foreign star in Japan, for his long tenure as a fixture for All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Moore was in as the female inductee that they want in every year.

This would mean that plans for John Layfield were changed, which had been obvious when they announced he would be helping induct The Godfather.