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Steve Austin defeats Kevin Owens in WWE WrestleMania 38 no holds barred match

What started as a talk show segment turned into a match.

What was originally advertised as a KO Show talk show segment turned into a match, with Steve Austin defeating Kevin Owens in a no holds barred match tonight at WrestleMania 38.

The match was agreed to after the two exchanged words in the main event of WrestleMania. They brawled around the ring and into the crowd. At one point, Austin took a suplex onto exposed concrete. The finish of the match had Owens hit Austin with a stunner, but Austin kicked out. Owens grabbed a chair, entered the ring and went to strike Austin with it, but instead hit the ropes, with the chair recoiling and striking himself in the process. Austin then hit the stunner on Owens for the win.

After the match had ended, Austin celebrated in the ring and drank beer. He gave a second stunner to Owens, then another to announcer Byron Saxton as he attempted to celebrate with Austin. The show ended after Austin celebrated with his brother in the ring.

Prior to the match, Owens told Austin that he wanted to have a nice chat. He then started to say disparaging remarks about Texans, a recurring theme in the weeks prior to tonight’s show. Owens eventually told Austin that he wanted a no holds barred match. Austin said his first match in Dallas, and could end tonight in Dallas. He then asked for a referee as the match began.