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'Sting: The Lost Tape' to premiere on WWE Network this month


A WWE Network special featuring previously unaired content from Sting is premiering later this month.

WWE Network News reported today that "Sting: The Lost Tape" will debut on the WWE Network on Sunday, May 31. Here's the description for the special: "Featuring never-before-seen footage and interviews, cameras follow Sting backstage before his big match at WCW Slamboree 1995."

Sting defeated Big Bubba Rogers at Slamboree 1995.

It was reported earlier this month that Sting's not currently under contract with WWE. Dave Meltzer wrote about his status last week:

The situation with Sting is this. He was originally set for being a character in Mattel’s Legend Series 7 line and then removed. When this came out on The Major Wrestling Figure podcast, Mattel wrote in response, “Due to circumstances out of our control Sting needed to be removed from Legends Series 7. We’ll look to include this figure in a future wave if he becomes available to us again.” The reason for this is that Sting no longer has a merchandising contract with WWE. This has coupled with Sting starting to tweet AEW things. That also would indicate no longer being under contract with WWE. Cody tweeted something like he heard something. As far as AEW goes, this is what I can say. I’ve asked and gotten no response to the question and if there was nothing going on the odds are I’d be told there was nothing going on.