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Street Profits to face Otis & Gable on WWE SmackDown next week


The Street Profits will be in action on next week's SmackDown.

On SmackDown tonight, it was announced that The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) will face The Alpha Academy (Otis & Chad Gable) on next Friday's episode of the show. The match was made after a segment where The Street Profits were attacked by Otis tonight.

After The Street Profits lost to The Usos on SmackDown last week, Gable approached Dawkins and Ford backstage on tonight's show and said he's seen a downward trend in their careers. Gable said Ford has lost at least six inches on his frog splash and Dawkins' Sky High is now more like a "grounded medium." Gable said he can advise The Street Profits in the same way that he's advised Otis. The Street Profits were insulted and declined Gable's offer.

Otis later confronted The Street Profits and told them that they were out of line. Otis said The Street Profits need to apologize, but Ford said they didn't owe anyone an apology. The Street Profits told Otis that Gable is holding him back. When Dawkins and Ford said Otis needs to get out of the Alpha Academy, Otis attacked both of them.

The Street Profits cut a promo later in tonight's show and warned Otis that he better stay away and mind his own business. Ford said they don't know what kind of machine Otis thinks he is, but they're about to send him and Gable back to the dump where they belong.