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The Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders set for next week's WWE Raw


Note: This post originally said that the Raw Tag Team titles will be on the line in next week's match.

The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders are set to face off on Raw's go-home show for Money in the Bank.

The match was confirmed for next Monday's episode after The Street Profits accepted a challenge from The Viking Raiders tonight. A tweet from WWE indicated that The Street Profits' Raw Tag team titles would be on the line, but that wasn't mentioned when the match was announced.

The Viking Raiders cut a backstage promo on tonight's Raw saying that The Street Profits are a great tag team, but they've only risen to the top when The Viking Raiders aren't around. They said The Street Profits only won the NXT Tag Team titles after The Viking Raiders relinquished them and only won the Raw Tag Team titles when The Viking Raiders were unable to compete.

The Viking Raiders said The Street Profits will always be second best as long as they're around, then dared The Street Profits to prove them wrong.

Later on tonight's show, The Street Profits responded to The Viking Raiders and agreed to face them next week.