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Tegan Nox returns to the ring at NXT house show


Nearly a year after suffering a significant leg injury in the Mae Young Classic, Tegan Nox returned to the ring at Thursday night's NXT house show in Orlando, Florida.

In her first match back, Nox teamed with Jessi Kamea and defeated Aliyah & Vanessa Borne. The finish of the match was Nox getting a hot tag, hitting a cannonball into the corner and a top rope crossbody, and then pinning Borne after a fireman's carry into a stunner.

Nox was injured during a quarterfinal match against Rhea Ripley in last year's Mae Young Classic. Nox was supposed to advance in the tournament, but Ripley won their match by referee stoppage.

Nox posted an update in October and detailed the extent of the injuries she suffered to her left leg in the Mae Young Classic match: "dislocated knee cap (luckily it reset itself instantly), torn MCL & LCL, I completely tore my ACL and both meniscus (one had a 'lightening bolt shape tear' still a wizard when injured), bone contusions and I had a Segond Fracture on my left tibia."

Nox was in last year's Mae Young Classic after a torn ACL in her right knee kept her out of the tournament in 2017.