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The Rock comments on daughter Simone Johnson's WWE NXT name

Simone is going by the name "Ava Raine" in WWE NXT.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson continued to express his excitement for his daughter Simone's pro wrestling career getting underway.

Simone Johnson (who is going by the name "Ava Raine" in WWE) made her first NXT house show appearance earlier this month and cut the first promo of her career. After her debut, The Rock told Entertainment Tonight that he's "very, very proud" of Simone for making history by becoming WWE's first fourth-generation wrestler.

The Rock was also asked about Simone's debut by Jimmy Kimmel Live guest host Kerry Washington.

"Very proud of her. Simone Johnson, my oldest daughter, the daughter I have with Dany [Garcia], she made her debut in WWE, their smaller federation, NXT. She did so good. She went out there on the microphone. You've gotta be poised when you go out there. She has a cool wrestling name. It's Ava Raine," The Rock said.

Washington then asked The Rock how someone comes up with their wrestling name.

"It comes from all different areas. Usually, it's probably a mix. What she wanted to do, what she wanted to be called. Ultimately, what the powers that be want her to be called too as well. She's the first fourth-generation of pro wrestlers in WWE. I always like to say that name Ava Raine could mean a lot of things, but to me in my mind, it means she's going to lay the smackdown on candy asses."

Simone Johnson has yet to have her first match or make her first televised NXT appearance. Simone signed with WWE in February 2020 but had to undergo knee surgery later that year.

Johnson's full appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live is available to watch below: