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Top Dolla responds to report he 'rubbed people wrong way' in WWE


Photo: WWE

A day after his release, the former "Top Dolla" AJ Francis has responded to a report in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that he "rubbed a ton of people the wrong way" in WWE. 

In covering the most recent round of WWE releases, Dave Meltzer wrote this of Francis:

"While he came across well on television, he rubbed a ton of people the wrong way in NXT and was getting the same reputation on the main roster."

Francis quote-tweeted another site's coverage of the report and responded with: 

"Here’s what rubs people the wrong way.

-Standing up for your own. When Bri was released and I called the office myself to tell them they made a mistake. 

-Standing up for yourself. Ppl in the PC told me “Hit Row” wouldn’t work for a year and a half & I never took their advice."

Francis continued his statement in a tweet thread:

"TRUST ME I got plenty stories I can tell about how I was disrespected but just took it on the chin like a professional. 

Even with the video I released today it was all professionalism. But I’m NOT gonna let these BS “reports” ruin my reputation.

I got tea I can spill too."

The video Francis references is a rap he released today that references the 89 days left in his non-compete window following his WWE release and name-checks a series of wrestling companies he would be interested in signing with once the window closes. 

In addition to his NXT and WWE run with Hit Row, Francis was a character on WWE's Most Wanted Treasures series that aired on A&E from April 2021 to June 2021. 

Francis is holding a canned food drive this weekend at the University of Maryland in College Park.