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Total Divas Season 4, Episode 12: Another trip to Mexico

Recap by Ryan Pike (@RyanNPike)

In the grand tradition of that episode where they went to Cabo (season 2) and another trip to Mexico in Season 3, we get another episode where the girls all go to a tropical location and hang around in bikinis. This series has two staple episodes: beach vacations and weddings.

Anyhow, just like every other vacation episode, this one is marred by drama.

Nattie's Jealous of Cesaro: Nattie is a bit upset that TJ and Cesaro are so close. We get a montage of her mentioning it to basically every recurring person on the show. Paige thinks she's making it sound like TJ and Cesaro are lovers, and gives her the gears a bit. It's pretty funny, and Nattie gets the point – she's over-reacting.

Paige is Engaged: Paige isn't super-into wedding planning, (despite all the other girls getting excited about it) and confides in Alicia (and us, since it's on a television show) that she only accepted Kevin's proposal last episode because she was afraid of losing him.

Naomi's Too Sexy: Jon gets upset with Naomi's skimpy ring gear now that she's a heel. Then she gets mad at Alicia for posting a video of her twerking, thinking Jon will see it and get upset. Anyway, Naomi decides to try to find a middle-ground between respecting her husband's wishes and dressing like a prude.

Brie Is Fighting With Her Dad: Brie and Nikki's dad, who they alternately hate and love depending on the episode, has unfollowed Brie off Instagram. It also turns out he's having a kid with his new gal and didn't tell them. Nikki spends the episode trying to get in touch with their Mexican heritage while Brie resists. The whole cast gets word mid-way through the episode that Dusty Rhodes passed away. That event prompts Brie to decide to try to make up with her dad, because you never know how long you have with loved ones – even ones you don't get along with all the time.

Highlight of the episode: After Dusty passes away, Paige does a really funny Dusty impression, mimicking how he described her character when she was in NXT.