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Triple H discusses NXT's War Games, not having a roof on the cage


While speaking with the pro wrestling media ahead of Saturday's NXT TakeOver special, Triple H discussed bringing War Games to a new generation of fans and confirmed another change from the original concept.

"We're not gonna have a roof," Triple H said on a conference call today. "I think it's a little bit limiting. I think the style has changed. Not saying that anybody is gonna do it in this match, but I think going forward as War Games becomes -- I try to think about the future. Look, Arn Anderson wasn't doing moonsaults off the top of the cage. So, I think there's a difference in how the business is done. This allows for there to a be a little bit of a different opportunity to do some things. I don't feel, personally, that we have changed the concept of what it is."

Though the rules have been tweaked, Triple H said he thinks they work better for today's generation. And while there are some changes, he said the match is still about teams "going to war" and it worked with the storyline that The Undisputed Era, SAnitY, and The Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong are involved in.

Triple H noted that WWE using War Games and Starrcade this month was a coincidence and the decisions were made independently. He said he's always been interested in bringing back War Games and has been looking for the right time since NXT started up. He called TakeOver: War Games a chance to take something from the past into the future and slightly reinvent it while still staying consistent with Dusty Rhodes' vision.

WWE revealed the official rules for War Games earlier this month. There will be a cage that surrounds two rings, with someone from each team starting the match. The remaining members of the teams will be kept in shark cages near the entranceway. After five minutes, the two other wrestlers from one team will enter the ring. There will then be two three-minute periods until the members of the other teams are allowed in. Once that happens, the match can be won by pinfall or submission.

Subscribers can listen to the full audio of today's conference call below:

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