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Triple H holds talent meeting prior to WWE SmackDown


WWE held a talent meeting today in Green Bay, Wisconsin ahead of SmackDown. 

According to reports from PWInsider and Fightful Select, Paul "Triple H" Levesque led the meeting and focussed on Vince McMahon's role in the company since returning. 

Levesque reiterated that McMahon is only spearheading efforts to determine if the company should be sold and who it should be sold to. He also squashed rumors that a sale was already "a done deal" and noted that if the company is sold, the process will be much longer.

Levesque stressed that McMahon's return to the company does not impact the creative team or the creative process, although he would also mention that "anything can change". He said that while him and Vince may have discussions about WWE creative, Vince always defers to him for the final say. 

WWE held an employee-only meeting last Friday. During that meeting, it was stressed that McMahon's return would not lead to changes in the company's day-to-day operations or to the roles of its management team.