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Triple H reportedly promises more transparency during talent meeting held at WWE Raw


Triple H reportedly promised talent more transparency moving forward during a talent meeting held at Raw.

Fightful Select reported Monday evening that during the meeting, Triple H promised talent more transparency, saying that he wanted open lines of communication between himself and talent. The report noted that it was commonplace in recent years to wait hours to have a face-to-face meeting with McMahon. Triple H also said that he wants work to be fun.

According to the report, the meeting was said to have gone well, and there was optimism regarding the change in creative.

Vince McMahon retired from WWE on Friday, ceding all of his roles amid a WWE Board of Directors investigation regarding multiple hush money pact agreements alleging sexual misconduct. On Monday, Triple H was named head of WWE creative, taking that role along with his current role as EVP of Talent Relations. Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan have been named co-CEOs of WWE.