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The Undertaker feels current WWE product lacks a 'level of grit'

The impending Hall of Famer spoke about the differences between his generation and today's.

The Undertaker believes that today's WWE product lacks "a level of grit."

The future WWE Hall of Famer appeared on the True Geordie podcast where he spoke about changes that have occurred in WWE since his generation aged out of the business.   

"I think things have changed and I can't just say that it's changed in wrestling. I think in all sports, it's a different generation. Call it evolution if you want," he said. "I don't think guys are leading the same lifestyles that guys in the past did."

He continued to say that today's wrestlers are under constant surveillance which prevents them from doing many of the same things previous generations did.  

"I didn't have to worry about that because there wasn't cell phones," he said.

"When I came up, the locker room was a lot different. It was pretty crusty. You drove everywhere, right? You didn't fly very often so there were a few guys that had knives in their bags, guns in their bags. It was a different group of men. Not saying one's better or one's worse but they just had a different way of settling things." 

He went on to say that these changes may have led to a lack of grit in the current WWE product. 

“I feel like there is a level of grit that is missing from today’s product. I don’t know that it's anybody’s fault. We all aged out and so that new group has come up,” Taker said. 

He then used Brock Lesnar as an example of someone who still has that same grit. 

“When you watch Brock wrestle, you’re interested because you know he’s got this background, not only as an amateur wrestler, professional wrestler, mixed martial artist. Brock doesn’t do a bunch of crazy moves, Brock manhandles your ass. You get in there and you get thrown around and you get smashed. Roman (Reigns) has a little bit of that to him and when he wants to, Randy (Orton) has that to him.”

He went on to say that younger WWE wrestlers are influenced more by superheroes and comic books. 

“A lot of that younger talent, it’s the evolution of that comic book era, the superhero era, and I think that’s what their motivation and that's what their inspiration is. They didn’t have to come up and bust heads in bars and figure out how they’re going to eat and things like that. Good or bad, it's what it is.”