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Update on alleged ISIS threat towards Survivor Series


For those attending Survivor Series tomorrow in Atlanta, there will be extensive security at the show even though Federal, state and local law enforcement authorities have stated that there is no specific or credible information regarding a threat.

Fans are encouraged to arrive early.  Doors will open one hour earlier than originally scheduled, at 6 p.m., so there can be more security precautions at the door.

Fans are encouraged to use MARTA, which is the local public transportation, to attend the event.  Due to security concerns, the arena will not allow any bags to enter the building.

Earlier today a publication called the International Business Times cited the online group known as Anonymous as discovering the Philips Arena and Sunday's Survivor Series as one of several possible worldwide ISIS threats that day.

Triple H posted an update on his Facebook page a few hours ago.  Futher updates will be posted on as well.