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Update on new title being introduced on WWE Raw


Additional notes by Bryan Rose

Mick Foley will be announcing a new WWE championship on Raw in Albany, NY in a few hours.

It was initially announced yesterday during the Money in the Bank event. Foley was chosen because the new title will be similar to the old Hardcore title that was created for him with a 24/7 rule in place.

It is believed the new championship will be called the Wild Card title, which can be defended at any time, and will be recognized across brands.

This also plays into the new rule instituted on Raw several weeks ago, where a number of SmackDown stars can appear on Raw and vice versa. Several stars have taken advantage of the rule as of late, most notably Roman Reigns and the The Usos.

It was said when the idea was brought up of a Wild Card type of championship being added that Vince McMahon loved the idea.