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Update on Stephanie McMahon's leave of absence from WWE

Dave Meltzer reports that the leave of absence was "100 percent" Stephanie's choice.

In the new edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer provided an update on Stephanie McMahon's leave of absence from WWE.

McMahon announced on Thursday that she's taking a leave of absence from "the majority of [her] responsibilities" with WWE. She wrote that she looks forward to returning to the company after taking this time away to focus on her family.

Meltzer reports that the leave of absence was "100 percent" Stephanie's choice and had been coming for some time, even though the announcement was a surprise to most:

This came out of nowhere to most. Most talent and those in the office and creative didn’t know about it until they heard she tweeted it. There were definitely a few people who knew and knew the background, but they weren’t saying much past there is more to it but the basic reasons given were not inaccurate. The part about leaving to focus on her family is definitely part of it. It was obviously a tough year with Paul Levesque being out for so long and she had to pick up a lot of his responsibilities and obviously had to deal from a family standpoint with his health issues. Levesque is back in the office full-time now.

There is no time frame for her to return but we were told she is returning. All kinds of speculation has transpired, but the only thing we were told directly is that this was 100 percent her choice, and this has been coming for some time, not something that just happened out of nowhere even though it would appear because virtually nobody knew anything except a few who had kept it totally quiet until just before she released the info but she was not forced or pressured and it was her choice. As far as what it means for the future, that at this point would be all speculation. She was the public face of the company and been pushed by the company to be positioned as one of the leading female sports executives in the country. Company President Nick Khan will be taking over her duties and those who reported to her will not be reporting to him. Stephanie McMahon, besides Being Chief Brand Officer, is a member of the company’s Board of Directors and aside from Vince, was the only original McMahon family member still working for the company. Stephanie also owns 2.5 percent of the company which would be valued at $116 million.

In her role as chief brand officer, McMahon is responsible for ensuring WWE's global brand strength and growth.