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Update on technical features for WWE Network on Peacock


We have an update on what the technical capabilities are expected to be for WWE content on Peacock, particularly when it comes to live events.

The line in the current issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter about features like rewind/fast forward or the ability to start live programming at the beginning if you log in after the show starts not being available right now, and possibly never being available, is correct about right now, but the part about them possibly never being available is not the case according to sources at Peacock.

The features mentioned are not in play right now, but changes are expected to be made as time goes by.

Those at Peacock say that they anticipate making live pause, restart controls, and scrub bar previews available before SummerSlam.

Regarding search, entity-based discovery is on the product roadmap, and they are anticipating offering searching by the name of the performer by September.

The WWE Network launched on Peacock yesterday. Peacock will become the exclusive home of the WWE Network in the United States when the standalone WWE Network service ends for US viewers on Sunday, April 4.