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VIDEO: AOP reintroduce themselves on Raw


AOP appeared in a video tonight reintroducing themselves to the WWE audience.

After introducing themselves, both spoke in their native languages. They said they had come to the WWE because they wanted to fight. They couldn’t continue their MMA careers because no one wanted to fight them. They called the WWE tag team division soft, saying that none of the teams are hard enough to fight them.

They ended the promo by issuing a warning, saying that they want the opportunity they have earned or they will take it. They called themselves the future of the tag team division, and that the future will be written in pain.

AOP have been wrestling at house shows, but have not appeared on WWE television for most of the year. Their last appearance together on television was back at the Super Showdown event in June, taking part in the 50-man battle royal. 

You can watch the full video of their reintroduction below: