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VIDEO: CM Punk returns to WWE Backstage


CM Punk joined WWE Backstage last night to discuss all the goings-on within WWE.

One of the first segments went over what happened on SmackDown this past Friday when King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler humiliated Reigns by handcuffing him to the ringpost and dumping cans of dog food on him. Punk surprised the panel by saying that he understood why they went with the dog food, comparing the angle to that of the end of the movie "Carrie".

Corbin was later interviewed on the show, explaining his heel role and why he does certain things to garner heat. During the interview, Punk asked if the dog food used in the angle was real and Corbin confirmed that it was. 

Punk later gave his thoughts on Seth Rollins’ heel turn on Monday, saying that he was better as a bad guy than a good guy.

Clips from his appearances can be seen below.