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VIDEO: CM Punk talks about his return on WWE Backstage


CM Punk followed his debut on last week’s WWE Backstage by joining Renee Young in a sitdown interview on tonight’s episode.

He first reiterated that he is employed by Fox and has not been in contact with anyone from WWE. He said he liked that as he gets to criticize the company. He also said that he was now at a point in his life where he can pick and choose what he does and doesn’t have to work with what he called "jerks".

Renee asked if anyone interesting texted him after the debut. Punk mentioned Jim Ross, but he didn’t think it was strange as he still regularly texts with him. He mentioned that since leaving wrestling, he’s kept his inner circle small.

The question about returning to WWE in an in-ring capacity was brought up, with Renee Young mentioning that Survivor Series was in Chicago. Punk said he had no interest in doing that, but he’s old enough now to know to never say no. He said it was a bridge that needs to be built, and that bridge is about as big as the Great Wall of China.

Punk remained on the show for the rest of the broadcast, which included a preview of Survivor Series as well as a Promo Class segment with special guest David Arquette. Punk also had advice for Seth Rollins after Rollins called out Punk on Twitter.

You can watch the full video below: