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VIDEO: Dave Meltzer discusses Vince McMahon's retirement from WWE on CNN

Meltzer appeared on Saturday's edition of CNN Newsroom with Jim Acosta.

On Saturday afternoon, Dave Meltzer made an appearance on CNN to discuss Vince McMahon's retirement from WWE.

Meltzer was a guest on Saturday's edition of CNN Newsroom with Jim Acosta. He addressed the McMahon story and what it will mean for WWE going forward.

When asked if he thinks McMahon will continue to call the shots from behind the scenes, Meltzer pointed out that McMahon is still WWE's majority shareholder. Meltzer said it will be interesting to see if McMahon remains on the WWE Board of Directors. Meltzer said he believes McMahon will still have some influence, but this is the beginning of a new era for WWE in some ways.

Meltzer said that, while McMahon's retirement is a shock, it's not as much of a shock given everything that has come out in the Wall Street Journal's reporting on the McMahon scandal.

One of the biggest announcements in the history of professional wrestling was made on Friday as McMahon announced his retirement from WWE. The retirement comes after it was revealed last month that the WWE Board of Directors was investigating alleged misconduct committed by McMahon.

The WSJ uncovered last month that McMahon had agreed to pay a total of more than $12 million to four women over the past 16 years to "suppress allegations of sexual misconduct and infidelity." The four women were all formerly affiliated with WWE.

Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan are WWE's new co-CEOs.