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VIDEO: The Hardys discuss their WrestleMania return


Time will tell if The Hardys will be allowed to use their "Broken" characters in WWE after returning under their old personas at WrestleMania 33, but there were teases of it in videos that the company put out on Sunday.

WWE first caught up with Matt and Jeff before they made their return. While speaking in their normal voices, they discussed their feelings before the WrestleMania appearance. Matt said that he expected there to be a lot of "Delete" chants, which proved to be the case.

After winning the Raw Tag Team Championship, The Hardys reflected on their return while Matt faded in and out of his "Broken Matt" persona and said that they deleted Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson's title reign.

Dave Meltzer told a story about The Hardys' appearance on the post-WrestleMania edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, saying that they didn't show up at the building until really late. Jeff told people at the hotel he was staying at that he had to go up to his room and sleep because of how beat up he was from the weekend before then heading to Camping World Stadium.