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VIDEO: Johnny Gargano gets ovation, greeted by Regal after TakeOver


Following NXT TakeOver: Toronto, WWE teased what's next for Johnny Gargano after losing to Adam Cole.

WWE uploaded video of the ovation Gargano received from the crowd, along with William Regal greeting him on the stage after the match. Regal shook Gargano's hand, hugged him, and raised his arm. The crowd chanted "NXT," with Gargano encouraging them to chant louder:

In storyline, Regal chose the stipulation for the third fall of last night's NXT Championship match. The first fall was a normal wrestling match (chosen by Cole) and the second was a street fight (chosen by Gargano).

Cole won the first fall when Gargano got disqualified for using a steel chair, Gargano won the second fall, and the stipulation for the third was a steel cage filled with weapons that had barbed wire on top. The finish was Gargano and Cole both crashing through a table from the top of the cage. Cole covered Gargano to retain the NXT title.

NXT will follow up on TakeOver at their next set of television tapings, which are taking place at Full Sail University this Thursday (August 15).