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VIDEO: Rhea Ripley & Dominik attack Rey Mysterio in WWE Thanksgiving angle

Judgment Day arrived uninvited to the Mysterio home on Thanksgiving.

Judgment Day has ruined Thanksgiving for the Mysterio family. 

WWE posted a video to social media on Thursday featuring Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio arriving uninvited at Rey Mysterio's home. Dominik attempted to explain that he was there for Thanksgiving dinner and he simply wanted to introduce "Mami" to the family. This was not well-received by his parents. 

"It's not the time, Dom," Rey told his son. "Please, don't play stupid with me. Today is not the time. Let us enjoy Thanksgiving." 

Rey attempted to close the door but Ripley barged in. Dominik then attacked Rey, who was shown wearing a walking boot in the video. 

Mysterio is currently sidelined with a lower body injury and hasn't wrestled since a house show in Mexico City on October 30. He was scheduled to take part in the SmackDown World Cup but was replaced by Mustafa Ali. 

Mysterio's status was addressed earlier this month by our own Dave Meltzer.

Dave writes:

Rey Mysterio was scheduled for the World Cup but he had either a foot or an ankle injury and was replaced by Mustafa Ali. He was in Indianapolis backstage with a walking boot on. He's not expected to be out more than a few weeks but wasn't going to be able to do the tournament.