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VIDEO: WWE's Big E & Goldberg appear on 'Hot Ones: Truth or Dab'

Big E and his dream opponent faced off on the chicken wing-eating show.

As part of the promotion for WWE 2K22, this week's episode of "Hot Ones: Truth or Dab" had a WWE theme.

Big E and Goldberg appeared together on the show, which requires its participants to either answer questions truthfully or eat an outrageously spicy chicken wing.

It was brought up on Truth or Dab that Big E has called Goldberg his dream opponent. On The New Day's Feel the Power podcast in 2020, Big E spoke about why he wants to face Goldberg.

“If I were to ever have a dream match, it would be against the one, the only, Goldberg," Big E said. "I don’t want to hear y’all talking about this ‘workrate’... and moonsaults. I don’t care about any of that. Ya heard? You want a great match? Nah -- bump that. I wanna see two big men with big... chests and big muscles, bumping meat. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I watched wrestling as a kid. You want your five-star matches? You want your 30-minute classics? Not me. Big meaty men slapping meat. That’s what I want.”

At Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia last month, Goldberg unsuccessfully challenged Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. The match was the last one on Goldberg's most recent WWE contract.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Sasha Banks, and Chris Jericho are among the pro wrestlers who have appeared on full episodes of Hot Ones.

Today was the official release date for WWE 2K22.