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Vince McMahon appears on WWE Raw to plug John Cena's return next week


Vince McMahon appeared briefly on WWE Raw tonight to hype the upcoming return of John Cena on next week's show.

In an unannounced segment, McMahon appeared during the first hour and briefly talked about John Cena, saying he dominated Raw for 20 of the 30 years the show has been on television. He then plugged Cena’s return to Raw next week before exiting.

This is the second time McMahon has appeared on TV since stepping down as CEO and Chairman in the wake of a WWE Board of Directors investigation regarding McMahon and head of talent relations John Laurinaitis over a $3 million hush pact related to a sexual relationship with a former employee. On SmackDown this past Friday, McMahon opened the show and cut a short promo mentioning the “then, now, together, forever” signature that opens each WWE broadcast. On both tonight's show and on SmackDown, he was cheered by the crowd.

Despite leaving his role as CEO and Chairman, McMahon remains in charge of WWE’s creative process. Stephanie McMahon has been named interim CEO and Chairwoman in his place.