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WCW Saturday Night added to WWE Network


WCW Saturday Night has officially been added to the WWE Network. posted an article today highlighting that Saturday Night is the latest addition to the Network. Over 50 hours of content have been uploaded, starting with the April 4, 1992 episode, where the flagship World Championship Wrestling program was rebranded as WCW Saturday Night, and runs through January 2, 1993. Names highlighted in the content include Stunning Steve Austin, Dustin Rhodes, Rick Rude, Sting and Ricky Steamboat.

World Championship Wrestling on TBS started to air in the early 1970s as a show for Georgia Championship Wrestling. It would eventually become the top program for Ted Turner's World Championship Wrestling promotion until 1995, when WCW Nitro became the company's top priority. With the addition of WCW Thunder in 1998, Saturday Night became a C-show with little name value.

The show's format was changed to a recap show in 2000. After a switch to daytime and its runtime cut to an hour, the show ended on August 19, 2000.