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WWE 5-23-15 Worcester, MA, house show report: John Cena vs. Rusev cage match, Dean Ambrose vs. Kane

Submitted By Elliott Marquis

- Neville beat King Barrett with the Red Arrow. Barrett worked the crowd up for a few minutes beforehand - the "peasants" routine mostly. I was surprised how well the kids seemed to know & like Neville. Good match.

- Erick Rowan beat Zack Ryder. It wasn't a squash match; they gave them time and it was what it was. Harper was out with Rowan & that was his only involvement of the night. I think they're trying a new thing where Rowan raises his sheep mask mid-match to try and get people in the audience to raise theirs with him.

- Primetime Players beat Bo Dallas & Heath Slater. Slater & Dallas comedy infighting led to Darren Young rolling up Dallas for the win. Slater, wanting a do-over, challenged any team from the back.

- The New Mega Powers beat Bo Dallas & Heath Slater. Dallas immediately left so this was just a beat down on Slater. I think Sandow had family in the front row. He usually does in Worcester.

- They played the full Warrior/Connor video and announced bracelets available in the lobby.

- Dean Ambrose beat Kane with Dirty Deeds. Crowd was super into Ambrose.


- Nikki Bella beat Tamina. No Brie or Naomi.

- WWE Tag Team Champions New Day (Kofi & Xavier) beat Cesaro & Kidd after interference from Big E. I thought New Day was great with lots of mic time beforehand. You can tell they're having fun. Kofi's mom was in the front row and they mentioned it, telling people not to dare boo Kofi while his mom was there. This was probably the best match, though shorter than I expected.

- WWE US Champion John Cena beat Rusev in a steel cage match after Lana slammed the door on Rusev's head. That's all Lana did - after two ref bumps, she walked down, slammed the door on him, and left. Very pro-Cena crowd. Guy's a megastar.


I would call it a mid-sized crowd for the DCU Center. I don't know that the arena is in its best days right now as our AHL team just left town, not a lot usually going on, and it's been years since I've been to anything here when the top section wasn't completely covered off. Even with the tarps, there were noticeably empty sections, but the lower seats were all filled. Lots of kids. 

Biggest reactions:

1. Cena
2. Ambrose
3. Neville