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WWE: 9-17 NXT house show in Houston

by Scott Williams

 1. Enzo & Big Cass vs Chad Gable & Jordan. The ring isn't lit for shit. Enzo pinned Gable after a rocket launcher.

2. Bull Dempsey pinned Tye Dillinger with a flying teabag. Comedy match.

3. Apollo Crews beat Solomon Crowe. Crews did some nice spots.

4. Samoa Joe vs Baron Corbin. "Joe's gonna kill you" chant to start. Lackluster offense by Corbin. Joe won by KO/submission with the clutch.


5. Dana Brooke pinned Carmela. Not good. Was wishing the ring was even more poorly lit.

6. Tag title: Vaudevillains beat Blake & Murphy. Best match so far. Vaudevillains are fantastic.

7. NXT women's: Bayley beat Emna. Bayley got THE pop of the night. Seeing her live, her charisma and ability to connect with fans is practically palpable.

8. Main, NXT title: Finn Balor beat Tyler Breeze. Good back and forth, with NXT & the overused Awesome chants late in the bout. After, Balor took selfies with Breeze's phone.

Lighting got better later in the show. Overall, a fun event, definitely a thumbs up.