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WWE 9-26 Cleveland house show results: Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Wyatts, Fast Lane announcement

Submitted by Brandon Howard

- They announced they return to Cleveland for the Fast Lane PPV in February.

- Neville beat Stardust with a 450 splash.

- Kalisto & Sin Cara beat Ascension when Sin Cara pinned Viktor after a swanton. Decent match. Ascension were the least over act of the two house shows I saw this weekend.

- Jimmy Uso beat Adam Rose. Rose came out in a vest and glasses and cut a promo, attempting to stop the show. The referee rang the bell regardless. Uso superkicked him immediately and hit the splash off the top for the finish.

- Jack Swagger beat Miz with the ankle lock. Miz cut a promo first acting like a face in his hometown, but quickly turned back heel. 

- Street fight: Randy Orton beat Sheamus. They used a Singapore cane. A table spot for a false finish. Orton got the pin with the RKO. Solid match. Went probably just under 20 minutes.

0 Dolph Ziggler beat Rusev. Best match of the night. They went somewhere over 15 minutes, lots of near falls, Summer Rae hitting Ziggler with the high heel for a false finish. Rusev's execution and presence were excellent. I was most impressed with his performance over anybody else I saw on this show or the Toronto show the night before with the Cena tour.

- Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose beat Bray Wyatt & Braun Strowman. Reigns pinned Wyatt after the spear for the finish. Strowman was protected as monster who doesn't bump. In doing so, he looked fine, not out of place. Pops for Reigns and Ambrose I thought were close to equal, though there were audible screams from women when Reigns tagged in for the first time. Reigns was not booed at all.

The Toronto show the night before with the Cena tour was a far better show.