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WWE 9/11 Edmonton, Canada, house show results: Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns street fight, Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens

Submitted by Peter Tavares

From Edmonton, Canada:

- R-Truth def Bo Dallas

Dallas opened the show trashing the city, Truth came out to a decent response and won a back and forth match with lots of stalling from Bo.

- Damian Sandow / Curtis Axel def Ascension

Sandow was over big. Nobody cared about the Ascension. Axel got the pin.

- Natalya def Alicia Fox

Divas match was good. Natalya is top notch, Albertan crowd was obviously into the Sharpshooter.

- Chris Jericho def Kevin Owens

Owens came out, said it was his first time in Edmonton and he was disappointed. Almost left when Jericho came out and demanded a match. The two went back and forth on the mics for a while before starting to fight. MOTN and Jericho was by far the most over all night. Good match with the regular spots, Chris got the pin after a Codebreaker.


- Cesaro def Luke Harper

Cesaro (with taped ribs) beat Harper after the intermission but got laid out afterwards. Really solid match, fairly stiff work. Also, at one point Cesaro put Harper in a crossface. Lots of the crowd popped big, even heard a 'Chris Benoit' chant from some guys nearby. That was weird. Probably the wrong city to do that move in, even if it's one he's using regulatory now.

- WWE Tag Team Champion New Day def Prime Time Players to retain their titles

New Day successfully defended against the PTP. More "sucks" than "rocks" chants, but crowd seemed into them regardless. No sign of Kofi - Woods and Big E worked the match. Darren Young was impressive, really hustling, and crowd was into Titus when he came in with the hot tag. They got cheered up the ramp after losing.

- WWE Champion/U.S. Champion Seth Rollins def Roman Reigns in a street fight

Main event was okay. Rollins got on the mic a lot during the match to build heat. Crowd really wanted a table spot, mostly unsatisfied with the chair and kendo stick. Eventually Roman speared him through a table, Bray Wyatt attacked and Rollins got called the winner even though there was no pin and it was a street fight. Whatever. Braun Strowman or whatever his name is came out and beat up Reigns too. Sandoval and Axel tried to make the save but got destroyed, then Cesaro came and he and Reigns took the big man out. Reigns then speared Wyatt to close the show. 


- The arena seemed empty. Nobody in the second bowl, where as a Smackdown taping two years ago was a near sell-out.

- Lots of kids in Cena merch probably bummed he wasn't there. Crowd liked Reigns but wanted Ambrose too, Jericho was the only guy cheered like a big star. Lots of solid matches, but the tame, small crowd and lacking star power hurt the show. No Cena, Orton, Sheamus, Ziggler, Rusev, Ryback, Ambrose or Big Show, and none of the Diva's Revolution.