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WWE 9/12 Huntsville, AL, house show results: Randy Orton vs. Sheamus, Dudleys in a three-way

By Mario Whitman

I live in Huntsville Alabama here are the reports

Match 1 Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev w/ Summer Rae good fast pace match Rusev is huge in person and can move for a man his size. Summer Rae hit Dolph with her shoe and she was sent back to the dressing room which ended up with rusev with his back turned and Dolph hit his finisher awesome opening match.
By the way Summer Rae looked awesome and smelled really good lol!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Match 2 all in 1 match Health slater vs jimmy Uso they had a dance contest which sent the crowd in to ultimate dance mode the crowd was hot from this through the whole show Jimmy won the dance off and the he super kicked health for the win.
Winner Jimmy Uso

Then health said its not over send me somebody else to fight so jack swagger came in and beat him with a all American duplex

Winner: Jack Swagger

Then health said not in a million years no one can do that 3 times in a row so out comes mark Henry. Looks at him and gives him the hall of pain slam

Winner: Mark Henry

Match 3 Neville vs Adam rose Good match Neville was hot all through the match with the flips and they look awesome in person great match Adam rose changed his entire gimmick I think this works for him well he reminds me of a old Shane Douglas good match should be on tv
Neville did a basic flip for he win no red arrow

Winner: Neville

Match 4 Ryback vs Big Show for the IC title it was a good match a lot of big show slaps and ryback feed me more chants good back and forth match was not boring at all but ryback retains after big show used a chair for the DQ

Winner by DQ Ryback

Intermission 6 minutes

Divas action

Match 5 Naomi was at ringside giving it to the fans. Sasha banks Tamina vs Becky lynch and Charlotte awesome match Becky is definetly coming along tons of energy and really gets involved with the crowd Tamina was getting worked big time these girls are in there twenties and they where running circles around her but anyways Charlotte hit her figure four and it was over

Winner: Charlotte and Becky Lynch

Match 6 The Dudleys vs Lucha Dragons vs Los Matadors Awesome match a lot of high risk maneuvers that cover the ring as well as my personal favorite get the tables chant the Dudleys where way over just he Lucha Dragons. Kalisto hit a flip on primo for the win After the match Los Matadors picked on the bull pushing him around until the The dudleys put epico through the tables and the crowd went crazy

Winner: The Lucha Dragons

Main Event

Randy Orton vs Sheamus typical back and forth  between them until Randy hit the RKO out of nowhere decent match that could have been on raw but it was good the crowd went home happy randy went around to everyone and tag hands and thanked everyone.

Winner: Randy Orton

Submitted by Matthew Hardaway

Triple H had a promo on the videoscope pretending he was in Huntsville. Total babyface stuff.

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev w/ Summer Rae

Rusev and Summer had the Bulgarian flag with Rusev's face superimposed on it. Please tell Bryan that Ziggler slowed down on his ten punches in the corner. Teased count out early. Fun opener. Had all the spots to get the crowd into it. Near falls and double KOs and all. Rusev was practically weeping at USA chants. Summer was ejected for hitting Dolph WITH HER STILETTO HEEL and then Dolph hit the Zig Zag for the win. I have to admit, as an old school WCW fan, I marked out for the high heel gimmick. 

Neville vs Adam Rose

No music for Rose. He was wearing short tights and cut a promo about pooping on our parties since we pooped on his. Neville won with a 450 instead of the spinning shooting star press so to hell with him I guess. 

They did a trivia game advertising the network. What popped out of the box after the Macho Man married Miss Elizabeth? It was a snake.

Heath Slater vs Jimmy Uso

Slater is pretty good at being a sleazy heel. He cut a promo one minute into the match about how great he was and how Jimmy went from being a "great competitor" to an announcer. Then he challenged him to a dance off. They hit "I'M TOO SEXY" by RIGHT SAID FRED for Heath. Then Jimmy DID THE NAE NAE. THEN MIKE CHIODA DID THE NAE NAE DANCE WITH HIM. It was beyond great and drew a gigantic pop. So of course it was nothing close to their TV. Uso hit a super kick immediately for the win. Slater eventually challenged anyone else and Jack Swagger came out and tapped him to an ankle lock after a few amateur throws. Then Slater challenged anyone else to come out. Mark Henry came out and slammed him immediately for the win even after Slater told him he would usually make an example of him. Way too enjoyable for a house show.

They aired a Daniel Bryan promo for Connor's Cure.

WWE I-C Champion Ryback vs. Big Show

These are some BIG GUYS as Larry Z might say. "Feed me less," the Big Show says to us while patting his belly. They did the old championship match intros with both guys in the ring. Show worked so hard. He even took the Flair press slam of the turnbuckle. Ryback won by dq when Show used a chair to the ribs. Ryback did a meat hook to send us to intermission happy. 

Jojo and a guy named Greg advertised autographed pictures. 


Tamina and and Sasha Banks w/ Naomi vs Becky and Charlotte

Charlotte won.

Lucha Dragons vs El Matadores vs The Dudley Boyz

Bubba helped the Dragons with a move that lead to a two count. Come on. Lots of weird double teams. Nothing too spectacular but kinda smart as it pertains to bumps. Pretty fun three way. El Torito ran out with "Bad to the Bone" playing to lead to a 3D and win. Then the Dragons helped them put a Matador through a table. Fun stuff.

They showed an awesome package advertising Sting vs Rollins built around Sting's old title wins. They should shown it on TV but I bet they won't. 

Sheamus vs Randy Orton 

Usual chants towards Sheamus. He worked the t-shirt throwing gimmick like a pro. They put the lights down for atmosphere. First time they've did that here for a house show. RKO tease immediately. Great match for a house show. Sheamus took a great bump into the steps before he took over. Orton won with an RKO after dodging a brogue kick.